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You have been in an accident, We are here to get you through it.

Welcome to O'Reilly Collision Center!

You are here because you have been in an accident, and we understand how difficult this is for you right now.  We also understand that nobody wants to wait for their car to be fixed. You want you car back to a pre-accident condition right now! 

Well you have come to the right place. Every year we help hundreds of Tucson and Green Valley car owners get through the process of auto body repair, navigating difficult Insurance company communications and we get your car back on the road quickly and painlessly. We know that you are experiencing frustrations, fears, anger and discomfort as a result of this car accident. Let us help you get through it.

You just want to get this over with, quickly.

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Every body shop says that they have excellent customer service, but how many can deliver on that promise? As a dealership auto body repair shop, we can guarantee that we have excellent customer service. Unlike other shops in the Tucson area, we have very strict standards that we must adhere to. O’Reilly Collision Centers tow locations were built to help you get through the auto body repair process quickly and painlessly. Our Tucson and Green Valley facilities are lean mean repair machines designed to get your car repaired and back to you faster than any other auto body repair shop in the Tucson Arizona area. Our shops utilize a scientifically developed lean process to maximize efficiency in the work-flow of the shop.

Every single system in our auto body shop, whether it is parts ordering, auto body repair painting or reassembly, is designed to minimize steps in the shop, reduce inefficiencies and increase the total amount of time we are working on your car each day.

Here is why we can fix cars quicker than the competition

In any auto body shop, each technician is limited to the number of hours they can work on a car each day. This is called “touch time”. The more touch time we have with your car, the faster it gets repaired and back to you. Really inefficient shops have low touch times. Our touch times are some of the highest in the industry. We know this because our insurance companies demand it, Chevrolet, and our customers demand it. Smaller one-off shops might not have the resources or the knowledge to make efficiency in the auto body shop a top priority.

What this means to you as a customer is that you will get your car repaired as quickly as possible by a team trained in State-of-the-Art “lean repair” processes. Not one step, movement, process or communication is wasted in our facilities. We have some of the fastest “Key-to Key” cycle times in the auto body repair industry.

Why take a chance on your auto body repair?

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The O’Reilly Collision Center can repair your car or truck back to factory tolerances. Not only are we GM certified, but we are also certified to repair other manufacturer’s cars. Don’t assume that because we are a GM body shop, that we can’t repair your Ford, Honda or other brand. As car become more complex, it is increasingly more important for you to use a certified auto body repair shop. Your insurance companies are beginning to demand that as well. Contact us or come in to our Tucson Body shop today for a free estimate.

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